01 December 2019

Xiaomi Redmi K30 Certified By Supporting 5G

Boladadu.com- One smartphone belonging to an unknown Xiaomi has received certification from the National Radio Authority (NRA) in China with a model number M1911U2E.

The NRA certification revealed that the device would arrive with 5G connectivity support. And as mentioned, the name of the smartphone is unknown. But some rumors have circulated speculating that it could be a Redmi K30 smartphone.

Apart from 5G support, the NRA doesn't give us much information. But its presence suggests that the smartphone, suspected to be the Xiaomi Redmi K30, is ready to be launched in the near future.
The existence of this Xiaomi smartphone itself has appeared several online. Includes a device design that appears in a promotional poster which shows a full screen design with two on-screen cameras.

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Reportedly Xiaomi Redmi K30 will arrive by supporting 5G dual mode SA (Standalone) and NSA (Non-Standalone) networks such as Honor V30 which is scheduled to debut on November 26th.

The specifications of the Redmi K30 are still rare at this time, but we can expect that the cellphone carries a stronger specification than the Redmi K20.

Apart from the Redmi K30, the M1911U2E model number might be a completely different device. Considering previously reported that Xiaomi is preparing at least 10 5G capable phones.

Hopefully some other leaks will soon appear to give us more information related to the real name of the Xiaomi device numbered M1911U2E, including about its launch.

The model number itself is almost similar to the 5G Xiaomi smartphone that was certified 3C a few months ago, the M1908F1XE, which will reportedly be the new smartphone in the Mi MIX series.

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