27 May 2017

Latest Variant of Vivo V5s Pure White with "Perfect Selfie"

Boladadu- Welcoming the holy month of Ramadhan 1438 H (2017), Vivo Smartphone launches a smartphone with the latest variant of Vivo V5s, after previously being present with a body wrap in Crown Gold and Rose Gold now Vivo V5s comes with a new color "Pure White".

Vivo V5s has been equipped with 4GB of RAM with 64GB of storage with a micro-SD slot up to 256GB, Certainly able to make you free to surf without lag. In addition, this smartphone has also been supported with Fun Touch OS 3.0 running on an Android 6.0 system and equipped with a 64-bit Octa Core processor that will help you do all your daily routines

What's interesting is "Perfect Selfie for Perfect Ramadan". Yes indeed for those of you who want to capture photos during the Holy Month of Ramadan with perfect photo quality, the Vivo V5s has provided these features, because it has been equipped with a 20 MP front camera with New Selfie Softlight and Group Selfie.

On the design side, the Vivo V5 smartphone is wrapped in Sleek Unibody Design with smooth curves on the side panels and edges and slim, so it looks luxurious and elegant and comfortable to use.

Vivo V5s available a new feature called App Clone. This feature helps you to separate your personal and business life, in short you can use dual accounts on the same social media application.

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There is no shortage of fingerprint features for securing your smartphone which only requires 0.2 seconds for one touch thanks to the Fast Fingerprint Unclocking feature.

While waiting to break the fast you can listen to Murrotal, a religious lecture on the Vivo V5s because it has been equipped with a Hi-Fi AK 4376 audio chip with unmatched audio quality while still saving energy.

Reportedly Vivo V5s Pure With will be present at this Ramadan. we wait for his presence.

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