03 May 2016


"You see there is no such thing as humanizing". we become silent witness among fellow. and how do you react to this experiment ... please comment below"

Boladadu -At basically human beings are created to help each other. Do not forget that man is destined to be a social being. Can we live without the help of others? the answer is certainly not. after readers see the video above, what comes to your minds? , How your heart's content while you're there ?, then what do you do if you were to be there ?. look at them speechless !!

Here I highlight the modernization process be very detrimental. I also did not dismiss this process makes things a lot easier. but we realize technological progress makes us rich snob. make us do not care about the environment. make us apathetic to the situation around. and over again makes us feel terrible highest among others.

Experiment shows the dark side of the modern world. here we are with our style that deify our day today. "help .. help .. help". ( "please ... please .. please ..") cried the young man. he tried to get up to go for help. and continue to strive to seek help. his voice growing louder roar. but no one righteous - really live there. everyone was just looking tubs see opera performances. all just look like spectators watching a football game. No cars are stopped for viewing only. and the most severe of an ambulance, a car that is supposed to be the savior in times like this through the area with the siren did not go off and with no man in it just drove right in front of the young man. #TRASH !!

In the end, the young man said to die by the people - those who saw it happen. but fortunately, this is just an experiment. imagine this to be real, and it also happens to us, our relatives, our family, and friends - our friends. where a sense of caring. where the owner lives true - true to life. where is a shame on this self-esteem. we like have no heart, no conscience, no empathy.

Come on, the more advanced age, the more closely the interaction between the members anyway. today we learned that the destiny become social beings will never change. the dependence of the absolute. become the owner of souls who actually live and have a heart to helping. end. (Bawell) **

“If we never try, we will never know, Life would not be better because a chance, life will always be better because of the courage to take action at every chance.”