01 May 2016

Sightings 2 Brand New BlackBerry Smartphone

BoladaduNew news comes from one brand of BlackBerry, which reportedly will release two new mobile phones with Android base. Our observation of some information that the news kemuncuan this phone has been delivered by BlackBerry CEO John Chen some time ago, but there is no information regarding the specifications  of these two phones.
leaking of the news will dihadirkannya BlackBerry Smartphone is known by Times News UK some time ago ni guys. nah for the appearance of two phones that you can see below.
sumber: timesnews.co.ud
 Can you see yourself both phones are predicted to be launched Desai has different specifications for certainty so there is no wait yes reader to really come to the surface. possible for you BlackBerry lovers are already impatient to wait for the release of this phone.
Quoted from Oketekno.com that this smartphone called BlackBerry Priv which he said is already equipped with 4G connectivity with a maximum speed, with a single SIM slot and still use the QWERTY design.

Maybe it was a bit of sightings and reviews regarding the latest mobile phones that will be out to win the hearts of consumers later. hopefully useful and update your information.

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