02 May 2016

Snapchat : Application That Is Widely Used Teenagers

Boladadu- Snapchat app, which currently has many users and more than 10 billion new videos per day on social media applications, it disclosed the company Snapchat.
sumber :wersm.com

A year ago Sanpchat only have half the video traffic. quoted time.com company reported only had 4 billion videos in April last year, then increased to 6 miiar video in November, and jump again to 8 billion in February. and compete with social media Facebook that also has a lot of video uploads from users.

Though Snapchat users do not have more than one billion active users, it could be said Snapchat into social media pilian for multiple users youngest applications. Snapchat has report submitted on Bloomberg that more than 60% of smartphone users in the United States by users between the ages of 13 and 34 years old. and among adolescents Snapchat beat every other social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In Indonesia alone Snapchat is also an application that includes many uploaded to the Play Store, our observation in the play store has more than 100 million downloads, a lot of users smartphone in Indonesia with App was to share photos and video with a variety of effects offered on Snapchat ,

As a user of course there are satisfied and dissatisfied with what is in the application, such as reviews Friska Junia disgruntled because according to him every uploaded video picture is cracked. But there are also very happy and satisfied to use this application. What do you think?**

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