01 May 2016

Smartwatch for Kids from Xiaomi

Boladadu- Xiaomi Mi Bunny MITU Children's Smart GPS Watch has an official release, this is a product that is released Xiaomi Smartwatch First Instance reserved for children.

As ap roughly the shape and zoom ?? Well you can see what it looks below
This Smartwatch have two variants there are light blue and pink (pink). From some sources say that this Smartwatch has been equipped with WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPS.

This Smartwatch using LED dot matrix display, which can give certain patterns on the Smartwatch like to see the time, there emoji And six important number can be entered. Smartwatch itself is made with a plastic material with a strap made of silicon that have been tested safety. So you need not worry.

Has an attractive appearance for children is called a smartwatch compatible with Android 4.0 and above devices and also iOS 8 and above.

In China, the smartwatch is priced at 299 yuan, or if d rupiahkan of 600 thousands. According to the news Xiaomi will also sell this smartwatch to the global market. We wait for its development guys.

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