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21 December 2019

Instagram Give Warning If User Create Bully Status  The social media platform Instagram presents the latest features to counter the practice of bullying. Starting December 16, 2019, Facebook's social media began to launch a feature that will monitor information photos or videos that are considered offensive (offensive).

Quoted from the official site, Instagram will give a notification to the user if there is a caption that is considered offensive. This feature is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) which is able to recognize various forms of bullying on Instagram.

When someone writes a caption for a post, AI Instagram will automatically detect an attacking caption.

Instagram says this new feature will be launched in certain countries. The feature will be launched globally in the coming months.

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Earlier this year, Instagram launched a feature that notifies users when their comments are considered offensive before being posted.

The user will then get a notification that the caption used is similar to various bullying that has been reported to Instagram. Users will have the opportunity to edit their status before uploading photos or videos.

Instagram says the results of this feature are very promising and can encourage users to reconsider the things they publish on Instagram.

In addition to limiting bullying, this warning helps educate users about what is not allowed on the Instagram platform. Users will also find out when user accounts risk breaking the Instagram rules.

06 November 2019

How To Activate Figerprint Lock on WhatsApp

WhatsApp officially presents the finggerprint lock (fingerprint scanner) feature on Android. Previously this biometric security feature was present on the iPhone.

This feature is present on Android after the user updates WhatsApp to version 2.19.222. This update itself was sent WhatsApp to android phones on October 28, 2019.

How to activate it: Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Fingerprint Lock. Activate the fingerprint by touching the fingerprint sensor screen at the bottom.

But it should be noted this feature can be activated on mobile phones that provide fingerprint services. When the service is activated the user must use a fingerprint to open WhatsApp but the user can still answer the phone even though WhatsApp is locked.
Via : WhatsApp
After the fingerprint lock feature, WhatsApp is also testing the dark mode or dark mode feature. Users will find Dark Bubble where in the dark mode WhatsApp bubble chat will be green.

Quoted from WABetaInfo, another potential feature is Payment. In WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.297 a Payment feature for the territory of Indonesia will appear. Previously this feature was being tested in Brazil, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

This means that the presence of this feature will allow WhatsApp users to make payment transactions directly from WhatsApp. Users do not need to exit WhatsApp and enter other payment applications to conduct financial transactions.

But it is unclear whether this payment service will partner with financial institutions in Indonesia or use WhatsApp's digital wallet called WhatsApp Payment.

Another feature that is being tested is automatically deleting messages. This feature can later only be used in WhatsApp groups, not in individual conversations.

This feature will allow users to schedule automatic chat deletions after a certain amount of time. This feature is called can be very useful for information that is sensitive and do not want this information disseminated.